The Principal

Matt Bashir, history teacher and former Deputy at a prestigious girls’ school, is swiftly promoted to the position of Principal of Boxdale Boys High. In this notoriously violent and difficult school in Sydney’s south-west, Bashir’s radical approach brings him into conflict on all fronts and leaves his personal life dangerously exposed.

The Principal

4 x 52′ Drama Series

Watch as Bashir works overtime to get the local community on side, promising change in his charges. Just when it seems he is making progress, a 17-year-old student is found dead on school grounds.

Premiered 7 October 2015 on SBS Television

Production Credits

Director – Kriv Stenders

Starring – Alex Dimitriades, Aden Young, Mirrah Foulkes, Rahel Romahn, Tyler de Nawi

An Essential Media production for SBS Television

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