The Broken Shore

Capturing the chilling action and laconic wit of Peter Temple’s acclaimed The Broken Shore, this television adaptation filmed against the rugged south-east Victorian coastline brings alive the novel’s cast of complex characters as it slowly reveals the shocking face behind a community’s respectable mask.

The Broken Shore

100′ Telemovie

An evocative crime thriller set against a background of police corruption, racism and family tragedy.

Detective Joe Cashin (Don Hany) has returned to the coastal village of Port Monro where he grew up, broken in both body and spirit as a result of a botched homicide raid in Melbourne. When a well-heeled philanthropist Charles Bourgoyne is brutally bashed and robbed in his home, a manhunt for three young aboriginal suspects results in two of the boys being killed after a high speed police chase. Simmering racial tensions in the small community erupt as the surviving boy, Danny Coulter, is charged with attempted murder and released on bail.

As Joe digs deeper and his list of potential suspects grows, he uncovers a cycle of lies, betrayal and systematic corruption in a community where tensions over race, class and politics are at boiling point.

Premiered 2 Feb 2014 on ABC

Production Credits

Based on the Peter Temple novel The Broken Shore

Cast – Don Hany, Claudia Karvan, Erik Thomson, Tony Briggs, Anthony Hayes, Catherine McClements, Dan Wyllie, Robin Nevin, Noni Hazelhurst, Wayne Blair

Directed by Rowan Woods

Scriptwriter/Executive Producer
Andrew Knight

Producer – Ian Collie

An Essential Media production for ABC

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