Rake (US)

13 x 60′ TV Series

Based on our successful Australian drama series for ABC TV, the US version stars Greg Kinnear as the brilliant and frustratingly charming criminal defense attorney, Keegan Deane. 

Keegan’s personal problems have lead him to self-destructive behaviour that has him battling wits with everyone around him, including his ex-wife, the judges, the assistant district attorney, his bookie, and even the IRS. His staggering lack of discretion and inability to self-censor land him the cases that nobody else will touch, but behind that lies a resolute optimism and belief in justice that fuel his dogged determination to defend those who seem beyond redemption. He always tries to do the right thing, but at the same time struggles to save himself from the many self-destructive elements that plague his own life, such as his overindulgence of various excesses, including women and gambling. 

Each morning, Keegan tends to wake up bruised – physically, emotionally, spiritually. Usually it’s a combination of them all. Then it’s out into the world – onto the battleground of Keegan’s day.

Premiered 23 Jan 2014 on FOX

Production Credits

Cast – Greg Kinnear, Mirando Otto, Bojana Novakovic, John Ortiz, Necar Zadegan, Tara Summers

Creators and Writers
Peter Duncan, Peter Tolan

Fedora Entertainment and Essential Media production in association with Sony Pictures Television for FOX.

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