Nature’s Fury

6 x 1hr Documentary Series

Nature’s Fury is a 6 x 1 hour documentary series looking at natural disasters across Australasia. Reviewing worst case incidents over the past decade involving Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Bushfires and the like; the audience will learn about why these events are happening, and their connection to climate change.

Each episode will be centered on a theme directly related to a type of natural disaster or on a particular region where certain weather and related natural disasters occur. Central to each episode is a clear explanation for the audience of the science behind these incidents. Empowering the viewer to have a deeper understanding of the impact of climate change and extreme events. 

The series will feature two related natural disasters per documentary episode. The arc of these events will be told by scientists and experts; as well as by survivors and eyewitnesses to the worst impacts of this mutantweather. The personal story of survival of those who experienced the disaster is crucial in conveying to the audience how deadly these extreme events can be!

Across the one hour of each documentary episode, the deep reasons for the weather incidents will be explained for the audience. Showing how actions like the El Nino occurrence in the South Pacific, or major tectonic shifts across  Australasia can impact specific areas. As well as the continuing impact on these events that Climate Change has.

Production Credits 

Executive Producers – Brendan Dahill, David Alrich

Producer – Simon John Heath

An Essential Media production for NatGeo

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